About the race_old

2017 bjuder Vågryttaren på en hel paddelhelg med tävling i både S1 och S2 samt Eventpaddling för de som vill vara med och paddla downwind under organiserade former utan att tävla.
För er som gärna vill tävla i dubbelklassen men saknar ski rekommenderar vi er att höra er för i de olika surfskiforumen för lån/hyra av dubbel. Det finns ett gott gäng dubblar i Sverige och Norge och vi hoppas att så många som möjligt av dessa kommer vara på vattnet under Vågryttaren.


Saturday  June 17th: SS2, downwind/lifesaving. Gathering at 11.30 a.m.
Sunday June 18th: SS1, SUP and Eventpaddling. Registration at 10.00 a.m

SS1 and SUP will race the same course as far as possible.

We try our best to offer as good surfski conditions as possible for the race and therefore we cannot set point of registration, race day or race course until Thursday evening the 15th of June. Registration will be somewhere around Kungsbackafjorden  or Marstrand. Read more about the race course here.

Regler/Rules for surfski

The competition will be held on open sea where the conditions can be very challanging (In 2016 the waves were about 2m high). The competitors cannot count on that the safety boat will have the possibility to spot every single paddler at all times. Participation in Vågryttaren is at your own risk and it’s up to the participant him/herself to judge/decide if he/she can handle the current conditions.
Vågryttaren is part of the Swedish Surfski Open and applies the  Surfski Open rules (copied from the web page):
The soul of surfski is that everyone can participate. All you need is a license from your club, if you dont have membership in a club you can allways get a license from the organizer on the raceday.

Your mandatory equipment

  • Leg leash
  • PFD (life jacket)
  • Flare
  • Clothings depending on weather for at least 30 min in the water. Black or white shirts are not accepted, only colored.
  • Cellphone
  • The Webtracking app. More info will be sent out after registration.
  • Recomended: PLB and or VHF

Demands from the organizer

  • Inspection of the boats and paddlers equipment will be done.
  • The organizer have fully right to test one or all paddlers capacity regarding reentry.
  • If the organizer jugde that a participant have lack of reentry or stability skills they have the right to stop a paddler to start or take a paddler out of the competition during the race. The paddler have the right to continue on his own risk outside of the race and without safetyhelp.

Out on the ocean

All paddlers have an obligation to help kayakers in distress unless other help is nearby. Participant shall always be able to do a reentry in the condition he is paddling in.

Please read rules for starting procedure, race course etc, at surfski-open.com



We offer accomodation at NPK (local paddle club in Gothenburg) with sauna and BBQ Saturday after the race, for a small cost. It is also possible to stay there Friday to Saturday. Bring your own breakfast, matress and sleeping bag. Alfred Gärdes väg 110, 416 55 Göteborg. Emma Levemyr will be at the club house on Friday from 19.00.

For those who do not wish to stay here we recommend Åsa Camping or any hotel in Kungsbacka.

Åsa camping.